Sunday, January 22, 2012

Eat it up


     I believe that an important part of marriage is courtship. Yes obviously if you are married you have all done this already but does that mean when you get married you can't be asked out on a date or get picked up for a movie night? It most certainly should not! Granted me and my husband are not great at this due to our work schedules, we try and Friday was date night. We got off work, got semi dressed up and headed out to P.F. Chang's. This has recently become our new favorite place to eat since you don't walk out of there feeling 10 pounds heavier. Of course we got the Chicken Lettuce Wraps, since it is practically the best thing on the menu in my opinion, Mongolian Beef and Sweet & Sour Chicken. We enjoyed the meal and each other before paying our tab and heading to get some frozen yogurt. We browsed the flavors of yogurt before us, contemplating which one should fill our cups, before we brought our yogurt home and snuggled together, eating our treat and watching Inception. These dates aren't as frequent as they should be in our household but when one comes around, it is the best!

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