Monday, May 7, 2012

Cinco de Mayo weekend

Oh weekend, how you go by so quickly and I wish you wouldn't. We were out n' about most of the weekend spending time with family, attending a baby shower, walking around the Spring Jamboree and having dinner with friends.

Once again this weekend I realized I don't take enough pictures at certain events so I apologize for my lack of photography on this post.

Friday night we went out to dinner with hubby's family and can I just say going out to eat is not fun when you are on a diet. Anyways, we went to dinner to surprise my mother-in-law with an early mother's day gift, tinted windows. The hubs and I pitched in with his two brothers to get it done and man does her car look good!

Saturday was the baby shower and also when I realized I really needed to take pictures, so I took a bunch at the shower.








That's Jes, the girl of the hour who is due in August and naming her little boy Jax.
Her shower was obviously pirate themed and it was oh so cute. We enjoyed the food, played a little game, watched her open her amazing gifts and took in the gorgeous sunshine.

The Spring Jamboree was next which the hubs wasn't excited to go but I dragged him along.
Sadly this is the only picture I took. I told you I am horrible with pictures but I'm working on it. The Jamboree is held every year in the small town I grew up in and they have food stands, merchant booths, live music, kid bouncy rides and a car show. I took my nephew to get some ice cream while the hubs drooled over the cars. Here are the pictures he took.

Can you tell he loves Mustangs?

We were invited to dinner with some friends Saturday night and we ended up at Olive Garden. Yes I am aware that it was Cinco de Mayo and Mexican food would have better suited the holiday but let me tell you that was the shortest wait I have ever had! I again forgot to take any pictures.

Sunday was a nice relaxing day in which we had breakfast at the in-laws house, attended church and snuggled to watch movie. I love Sundays.

Oh you are wondering how the weekend went with five dogs around the house, well that will be a whole other post. It wasn't as smooth/easy as I wished.

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