Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I Workout...

I was unsure about sharing this but I figure it can't hurt. So some of you may know that this year I made it a goal to workout regularly and make healthier food choices. Well here is a little bit on what my exercise has consisted of...

In January I started doing Bodyrock and really enjoyed it. They posted short 12 minute workouts that I could do at home and they made me break a sweat. I did them usually 4 days a week and lost about 8 pounds. Then you know that plateau that we all hate, the one that is so hard to get past? Well I was there.

I had hit that oh so hated plateau and was getting discouraged that I wasn't getting past it. Now this plateau, for me anyway, is a certain number on my scale. I know people all the time say you shouldn't care so much about what the scale says since muscle weighs more than fat but I'm kinda obsessed with my scale. I know it's a bad obsession that I need to get over.

Becoming discouraged and thinking I would never get over my plateau, the hubs suggested I try P90X again, the lean version. I was hesitant at first since the first time I tried P90X with him I didn't like it, mostly because of how long the workouts are and how much weightlifting there seemed to be.

Alas, hubby talked me into it and last week was my first week. I have to say that the workouts are quite a bit longer but man do I feel the burn. I really like the lean version because there is more cardio but still some weightlifting. 

Now I am the kind of person that if I am not held accountable for working out, I probably won't. So here it is, this is my accountability. I will post once a week about my progress and experience with P90X in order to keep myself on track.

Any others out there who have done P90X or are doing P90X? Has anyone ever done Turbo Fire? I really think I would like Turbo Fire but would like to know how people like it, people who are not paid to say 'it works' ya know?

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