Saturday, May 5, 2012

Who let the dogs out....

Or should I say 'Who let the dogs in?' Somehow this weekend I have been suckered into watching my brother's and a friend's dog. Don't feel sorry for me just yet because I apparently agreed to watching them weeks ago and remember one but I forgot about my brother's dog. I blame him, he didn't remind me until yesterday.

This might sound like no big deal, I mean how hard can it be to watch 2 dogs right? Wrong. When you have three dogs of your own, then add two it becomes a full house. Let's just say we will be spending a significant amount of time at the dog park this weekend.

Don't worry, we will squeeze in some fun things into our weekend as well. Oh, you want to know all the pups that will be at Casa De Los Perros, I thought you would never ask.

Aka Yeags, Blackie or Bat Dog. I figured smallest to largest was the best way to introduce the gang and he comes in at a whole 11 pounds. He is our lazy cuddle bug who would rather be snuggled up on the couch than go for a walk.
Don't ask me why I don't have a better picture of this cutie but he is definitely the dog that makes me smile no matter what.

Aka Rye Rye or Brownie. He is my little lover and was the first pup to join our family. He is a cha-weinie but he is a big dog trapped in a small body for sure. Everyone loves him mostly because he won't be pushed around by bigger dogs and will taunt dogs over twice his size.
This little guy has the best personality and is such a nut!

Aka Stupid. This is my brother's 4 month old puppy. Now don't be fooled by the picture, this dog is a menace, out to make my life miserable. He is a German Short hair Pointer and he is at that stage where he gets into everything.
He is over our house everyday so that he has friends to play with while we go to work but I wish he friends at his house. Such a cutie pie though.

Aka Chocolate Chip, Fattie or Pretty Girl. She is our Malinois/Shepherd mix who loves to play! Since she has a herding instinct some people at the park don't like her because of her nipping tendency but she is a lover. Although very vocal when she plays, she is very submissive and doesn't like dogs bigger than her at first.
She is our only shelter rescue and we believe she was abused before we got her.

Aka Rhoders. This is our friend's HUGE Rhodesian Ridgeback who tops the pack at 135 pounds! He is really a gentle giant and is the best behaved dog we have here. I love this dog and I wish I had a dog exactly like him

So this was a long post, if you are still reading I thank you for sticking with me. I promise my posts are not usually this long winded. 

Now go enjoy your Cinco De Mayo, I know I am!

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