Monday, February 27, 2012

House fever?

     This weekend was a mix of relaxation and fun. Friday I made a delicious (if I do say so myself) chicken dinner for me and the hubs, cooked brownies for funeral :-( and helped some friends move. Phew, that was a long night.

     Saturday I had my partner in crime Ian (my nephew) to keep me on my toes. We ended up going shopping with my mom which was so fun, I love mother daughter dates. Mid-day I found out we were going to have company stop by the house and then we were going out to dinner.

     Of course I practically panicked since our house wasn't clean, I was out shopping and cleaning with my nephew around is an impossible task. Luckly my mom offered to watch him the rest of the afternoon so that I could get it all done.

     When the hubby's mom and uncle arrived at the house all was clean and I am glad I got it all done since his uncle wanted a tour of the house. We ate dinner at Macayo's Mexican Restaurant, which I'm not sure I like, but the company was great.

     Sunday we relaxed until church and afterwards I decided we should go look at some models homes that were by our house. We pulled up and they had two model homes to show which looked super nice so I was excited to see them.

     We slipped passed the sales people and wondered to the houses. We walked into the first house and I fell in love. The house was big and the kitchen was to die for! The loft was like the size of my living room and the master bedroom closet was like the size of my kitchen! I could so get used to living in a house like that. The second house was nice but not really my style.

     I couldn't believe how much I loved that first house! It of course wasn't even close to want we needed, with 4 bedrooms and all, but I would live there any day. Below are a few pictures but they really dont do the house justice.

This is the first house



Below is the second house





Courtney B said...

Glad you got all the cleaning done :) Sounds like it was just in time!
I don't even go look at houses anymore. I get so excited but then we know we have to wait a year before buying... So we're not looking anymore until it gets closer to the year mark!

Amanda Sisson said...

Courtney... I know what you mean with the house situation, we can't buy til November :-( But I couldn't resist and now I can't wait!
P.S. I really enjoy your blog :-)