Wednesday, February 22, 2012


     I am happy to share with you my first craft project that I did with my Cricut and it just so happens to be a great DIY project too. 

     My mom mentioned to me on Sunday that she was making 'spice jars' as a wedding gift for my cousin that just got married. She showed me all the stuff she got and said she was going to order some labels online for the jars in order to know what spices were in what jar. I spoke right up and said that I could bring my Cricut over and we could make the labels out of vinyl. 

     We made a night of it and let me tell you there is definitely a learning curve with this machine. Since they were small jars we made the letters 1/4" in size and I think that was the big problem. After we cut out all the words she wanted and started to pull off the negative vinyl we found that the letters wanted to come off and certain letters, like the O, kept getting ruined.

     After about a hour or so getting all the negative vinyl off it was time, finally, to get the words onto the jars with the transfer tape. We got all the words transferred and filled them up with the various spices. They came out so cute and I give big props to my mom for thinking of doing this as a wedding gift cause I never would have. So much better than a store bought spice rack.


They turned out fabulously!

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