Sunday, February 5, 2012

Oh the weekend....

   It was a busy two days off for me. First off, Friday we had another date night! I love when my husband gets off early cause not only did we get date night, he also brought me frozen yogurt at work! Love that guy... Anywho, we decided a movie was in order since we haven't been to one in months. He wanted to see Man on a Ledge but I chose Chronicle and you can guess which one we saw...

     We caught an early showing at Green Valley Ranch, I love the seating there, but we were disappointed. The movie was far from great in my book and I would recommend that people save their money and wait for it on to come out on Redbox or not see it at all. The filming of it was my least favorite as it was documentary style, if that's even what they call it. That was just one of many dislikes so lets just say I suggest you see another flick.

     Saturday went by fast watching my nephew and getting shopping done. I was so excited that my grandma came to visit from California this weekend that I spent most of my afternoon visiting with her. I love her and wish we could visit more often.

     Sunday was the big game. We picked up the house a bit, relaxed and went over a friend's house to watch the Superbowl. I was of course rooting for the Giants and our host was going for the Patriots which always is entertaining. It was such a great game and I'm glad the Giants came out on top, I'm not a Tom Brady fan so I'm glad he didn't win.

     Now back to the usual routine. I will be trying a Pinterest recipe later this week so check back to find out how it turns out.

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