Saturday, February 18, 2012

New Toy

     There is nothing better than getting something new after a stressful few days at work. In the true spirit of trying to be more crafty, I started to look into a Cricut machine. I will admit that when I used one for the first time a few months ago I didn't see what the big deal was. Granted we used it for a youth project and the projects weren't that elaborate but I just didn't get all the hype I had heard all the ladies talk about.

     Now after I watched some videos, different cards and projects that had been made with a Cricut, I was hooked. So last night I pulled up Craigslist and searched for a Cricut to see if I could find any a bit cheaper then a brand new one... Low and behold I found one that was practically brand new with two cartridges so I picked it up and couldn't wait to try it.

     I am now a happy Cricut owner! I of course didn't wait to use it and I cut our last name with some of the vinyl that came with the machine and I just might be addicted. I love it, I see a lot more homemade cards and crafts in my future.

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