Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Crock Pot Salsa Chicken


    New recipe... yes please. Since we are trying to stick with healthy foods this year I looked up some different recipes and the first one was a winner! And the best part was that is was super easy to make.

     I found this recipe via Pinterest and you can see the full recipe here. I didn't follow the recipe exactly but mine still turned out delicious. Here is what I used:

                    4 chicken breasts (boneless and skinless)
                    1 container of Fresh and Easy medium salsa
                    1 container of Fresh and Easy Pico de Gallo
                    Seasonal salt and garlic salt to taste

     I threw the frozen chicken with the salsa and pico in the crock pot, turned it on low for about 8 hours and ta dah, dinner is served. I omitted the taco seasoning because of all the sodium in the packets but I think it still came out fabulous without it.

     I was afraid my husband wasn't going to approve since he is not a big salsa/spicy food eater but he surprised me when he turned to me and said "This is great!" If the hubby approves, its going into the recipe box.

     We served it over lettuce with bit of sour cream and guacamole instead of using tortillas to save on carbs. I had quite a bit of left overs since it is only the two of us so I will cut back the recipe next time but I froze some of it and the rest I might just use for a soup or fajitas...

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