Friday, March 16, 2012

At ease...

I can now safely post this without the fear of some crazy person breaking into my house.
Yes I watch Criminal Minds way too much and the social networking episode kept coming to mind so I postponed this post til today.

The hubs had to go to Phoenix for a couple of days for work so I was home alone with the pups since Monday night. You know the saying you don't know what you have til it's gone? Well I know I have great hubby but having him gone just reiterates it.

I hated being home all alone, at night, hearing all these strange noises. Why is it that when you are home alone every noise concerns you?

Anywho, the hubs got back safe and last night I slept so well knowing he was there. Crazy how when we first got married I could hardly sleep at all cause of his heavy breathing but now when his is gone I kinda miss it..

Oh and because he is the sweetest hubby ever he bought me some sunglasses while he was gone. If you know me, I am always breaking my sunglasses and I won't go out and buy more but then I always complain about not having any. It's a vicious cycle.

Side note: TGIF! I can't wait to get my party on this weekend. Bring on the cake!


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