Wednesday, March 14, 2012

One year wiser?

Today my nephew turns 4... FOUR I tell you! How is it that time flies that fast?

From this..      To this... IMAG0222

But he is at Legoland right now having the time of his life so let's get to the topic here....

His birthday preceeds my own which is in a couple of days (yes that is a reminder for all of you who forgot or didn't know). This only means one thing....
I am getting old!

Is it wrong that even though I am in my twenties I call myself old? Maybe I should stick to the whole I'm just another year wiser.. Because bigfoot only knows I don't want to add another candle to my cake (yes bigfoot).

Now my family has a thing for the month of March and Septmeber... Meaning most of our family birthday's land in these two months (so I guess they really liked July and January). In March we have my brother-in-law, step-dad, grandpa, nephew and yours truely all celebrating birthdays. September we have my step-brother, uncle, cousin, brother, mom and sister blowing out candles (and I'm sure I forgot someone).

Really people, are you trying to make me fat and broke 2 months out of the year? Geez...

Seriously though, I love birthday's...especially mine! (Hubs this next part you should pay really close attention) I love having a day that is all mine for me to feel extra special, cause let's face it, I'm special all the time. Having balloons all around, things decorated and gifts to open that are all done for me is the best!

 So for those of you who don't know what to get me (hubby), I'd be happy with a decorated car or a ton of balloons sent to my work or a singing gorilla-gram! I might die if I actually got a gorilla-gram, it would be hilarious!

But what should I do for myself? I mean it is my day so I should pamper myself right?

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Anonymous said...

A gorilla-gram? Really? Really? Why you no have your copay?