Sunday, March 4, 2012

Say Cheese!

     Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I myself enjoyed some shopping with my darling nephew and went out for a family birthday party at the Outback. Can I just tell you I love family get togethers? It's the best. It's like let's tell embarrassing and funny stories about other family members. Who wouldn't enjoy that?

     Anywho, back to the subject. Being a girl, I can sometimes get a little camera happy and that SO happened yesterday. I even had my nephew being my cameraman/model! :-)  Unfortunately some of these pictures saved to my camera and not the SD card. The problem here is that I have no idea where the cord to hook my camera to my computer is so for now they are stuck on my camera. (sad face)

     But here are the pictures I salvaged off my SD card...

                                       Love this face :)

     The last two are from the Outback after dinner and I would just like to point out how awesome awkward my hubby looks in them... He can never take a serious picture but these are the pictures that usually turn out the best, mostly because they make me laugh :)

     I am definitely going to make a bigger effort to use my camera more so I can capture more of my hubby's ridiculous faces.... So that in ten years we can look at them and have a good laugh!

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