Sunday, March 11, 2012

Say what...

It was just beautiful out Saturday that I made sure I wasn't indoors. I took my little nephew out shopping after we went to the park and let me tell you, I'm out of the loop.

I always hear friends talking about their favorite stores and where they got that new shirt but I realized that some of these stores I have never even been to! So here are some things I learned on this shopping trip...

Lesson #1
Visit the stores your friends mention...Now! Home Goods is one of those stores that if you haven't been there, you need to go. It was first store I decided to visit and I have no idea why I didn't drag myself out there before. I think it might be because I knew I could go bankrupt there.

I bought two bread pans, a cupcake plunger (OK that just sounds bad, I know) and a duster for $30. I think I got something else but I can't remember. Trust me, that's not even close to what I wanted to buy but when you are trying to save to buy another house, money must be spent wisely

Lesson #2
I need to go shopping more. I headed to Kohls next and realized that it has been way to long since I have shopped for clothes. As I look through the clothes on the rack I also realized that I have no idea what's in style right now.

I found some items I liked and headed to the dressing room. I didn't like any of the pants I tried on but really liked two shirts, until I saw the price tag. Is it just me or is $38.00 for a shirt ridiculous? It was on sale but even with with sale it was $21.00. Really...

I just couldn't justify buying a shirt that cost over $20. I spend all day looking to add something to my closet and found nothing... That was the saddest moment of the weekend.

Sunday was a relaxing day. I crocheted a few things this morning, attended church and enjoyed dinner at my moms. Oh and she made this delicious cake for my nephew's birthday which is on Wednesday.

IMAG0250        IMAG0252
Oh and Lesson #3
I need to take more pictures!

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