Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I Do

Now here is the story on how Justin asked me to become a Sisson.

So I say it all started in September 2009 (the hubs probably says different) but that's when we really started to talk marriage and look at engagement rings.

You could imagine the anticipation and angst I felt when the end of November turned into December and I still didn't have a ring on my finger. So of course every time he bought something I reminded him that the money should have been going to my ring if he was serious about us.

One night as we were getting ready to go to an ice hockey game I started a mini argument (in true Amanda fashion) on how he wasn't serious about getting married and how he wasn't saving his money to buy me a ring blah blah blah. So since Justin can't keep a surprise to save his life, he blurts out that he had my ring so for me to get off his back about it.

How horrible did I feel? I just ruined the biggest surprise of my life! Well of course he didn't give me the ring then, he made me wait even more.

It was a Sunday night right before Christmas when it all went down. We always go to my moms house for Sunday dinner and I got there first cause he had a 'church meeting' to attend. He walked in a few hours later with what I thought was a regular box of chocolate covered cherries (my favorite) but I was so wrong.

He brought me a cherry into the front room and fed it to me (of course on one knee). He made it so I didn't eat the whole thing because he had hollowed out the center and was holding my ring inside. When it fell apart and and I saw the ring he asked me to be his wife. As you can see in the picture below I was more than surprised and my family was there to capture it all.

Of course I said yes!

And then comes marriage....

Justin looks so young in this picture, I can't believe how different he looks!
Just now, sitting next to me, he says "Ya, marriage makes me age horribly."

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Diana Mathias said...

Love the story and your blog! I'm your newest follower! You can check mind out too (www.picturesand1000words.blogspot.com)