Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dear Blog

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     Oh my dearest little newborn blog, I am so glad you have come into my life. You might be the newest kid on the block but you are already one of my best friends.

You are here to grow, laugh, live, learn and love with me. 
You may be small now but as you grow don't forget your roots, always be true to yourself. 
As you embark on this journey, keep a positive outlook on everything you do and remember that those who try to bring you down are just envious.
I am going to feed you all the words you need to grow and hope that they are enough.
I promise to post pictures too so you can feel like you were there with me.
I hope I can make you feel as important and beautiful as you really are.
I want to devote more time and energy to you to help you grow but I know that won't always be possible.
There will be times when you feel neglected, forgotten or mistreated.
I'm sorry!
I might just want some alone time or hubby time and you won't be able to come, sad I know.
I will always give you the attention you deserve and hope I will give you the skills to grow, branch out and make friends.
We are going to be sharing a lot so be sure to open up and don't hold back.
Always be an example for others as this is how you will make great friendships.
Oh little blog, I want to give you everything in this new world so that you can be everything I know you can be.

But always remember, I'm proud of you no matter what!

With Love.


Erin said...

Thanks so much for linking up :) Your letter is wonderful...welcome to the world of blogging. I wish you nothing but good things!

Beth @ the city said...

Welcome to the blogging world...glad you're here! It's a pretty friendly place :) and I've certainly learned a lot from it!
Just stopping by from Erin's linkup!