Monday, March 19, 2012

Would you like some cake?

Not to brag or anything but this weekend was all about me... Well at least I like to think it was since I celebrated my 24th birthday on Saturday.

Yes I was born on St. Patrick's day. No I am not Irish and no green is not my favorite color. Now that we have those questions out of way, lets get on with the weekend events.

Friday night the hubs and I went to P.F Changs for my birthday dinner and as always it was delicious. I mean how could this not be delicious?
IMAG0117      IMAG0268

After dinner we walked around The District (which is an outdoor shopping mall) and window shopped while enjoying the beautiful weather. Then we headed to the carnival that's in town to check it out. It was such a fun night!

IMAG0269       IMAG0270

Saturday was my day and I got to spend it with my nephew. Even though it was cold and windy we made it out to watch the St. Patrick's Day parade. Ian loved the parade and he loved the carnival even more!
IMAG0275     IMAG0289
IMAG0307     IMAG0282

After all that fun we headed home to bake a mint cake that I had to try since mint is my favorite dessert flavor, it's honestly the best! But how it turned out will be another post since it still isn't frosted. Oops...

That night I met the hubs at my mother-in-law's and enjoyed another delicious dinner with his amazing family. They are the best and my gifts were the greatest! We ended the night with a homemade cake and trick candles! (I was so wrapped up in visiting and enjoying my 'me' night that I totally forgot to take pics! My bad.) These pics I got from my awesome mother-in-law. 
Love this bag!
Sunday I enjoyed going to church, another party, a few more gifts and of course more cake! I'm telling you I had more dessert this weekend than I care to admit!

My birthday weekend was fantastic and I am so greatful to have such wonderful family and friends that made my birthday special!
Now enjoy the rest of the photos from my weekend...

IMAG0308 IMAG0299 IMAG0273
IMAG0277     IMAG0278IMAG0283     IMAG0287IMAG0290     IMAG0297IMAG0298     IMAG0300IMAG0303     IMAG0304

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