Monday, March 26, 2012

Oh Justin....

As Saturday was coming to a close I thought to myself 'My weekend has been so uneventful I will have to start brainstorming for a post on Monday.' I should have known better to think such a thing cause sure enough Sunday brought us all the excitement we ever wanted.

But let's start with Friday. The hubs got off work at a reasonable time so we headed out to see the Hunger Games. It was the first movie we saw on my must see list and I am glad we saw it. I didn't read the books but watching that movie makes me want to read the books. If you haven't seen it yet I highly recommend it.

Saturday was a full day with the nephew. We went to a church Easter egg hunt which he loved and we lingered at the park afterward so he could play. Then I dropped him off at my mom's so I could go to a bridal shower for a co-worker and man was it nice to have some girl time. I would share some pictures from the shower but I find them to be a bit too 'risk-a' for my blog so sorry chicas (I just assume most of my readers are female).

Now on to Sunday... Not only did this day hold enough action for us to last a month, thinking about it now it kinda makes me laugh.

Sunday morning, 8:30am, hubs gets up to take the pups to the park. Gets dressed, gets the dogs ready and heads out the door. I can hear him yelling at one of the pups and I was sure it was because they had run down the street. Then I hear what I thought was my name but I ignored it and snuggled back up in the covers. I hear my name again and this time I could tell it was hubby's voice and something wasn't right.

First thing I think is 'Oh my gosh, one of our dogs just got hit by a car!' I jump out of bed, run downstairs and find the front door wide open with hubby lying on the couch in a weird position. I give him that 'What are you doing' look and as I went to shut the door he says "I just dislocated my shoulder again."

Background info: Hubs has a bad shoulder and when he was about 18 or so he had surgery to 'fix' this. He is usually really careful with this shoulder but in July last year while playing basketball he dislocated it. They popped it back into place right then and there but he knew he would have to really watch it so he wouldn't dislocate it again.

First thing I think is 'Oh snap he is in pain, I am not dressed and I have no idea how to help him.' I kinda froze for a second before asking "What do you want me to do?" Sounds like a stupid question now but at the time it seemed legit. So I tried to call a friend of ours who is a medical student to see if he could come over to help but he was on call so off to the Emergency Room we went, after I got dressed of course.

Now I grew up and now work in a small town 15 minutes from where we live so naturally I said "Let's go to the Boulder City ER since they will have practically no wait." Sure enough we get there and they call him back within 10 minutes. Score! Unfortunately that left me filling out paperwork and then waiting for 20 minutes before they would let me back to see him.

This is what I came back to see. If you didn't realize it yet, your shoulder is not supposed to look like that. They put him in a 'concious sedation' before putting his shoulder back. They let me watch them do it and it didn't seem all that hard.

This is a before and after x-ray. I was amazed when I saw the before, I mean look at how not right that looks! He will now spend approximately 2 weeks sitting at home, doing nothing, since he can't work. Oh the joy of unexpected accidents.

Now that part of this story that makes me laugh is how he dislocated his shoulder. He said that a neighbor's dog was loose and our dogs ran over to him but he charged after our smallest dog Yeager (yes we have a dog named Yeager and no we don't drink). As he went to pick him up, Yeager must have jumped or something and the force of hubs downward motion with Yeag's upwards motion popped it out of place. The funny part...this dog only weighs 11 lbs.
Yeager 1, Justin 0.

He will be seeing an orthopedist to evaluate him and advise us if another surgery is needed.

Now the only thing I can think of is 'How can people live off of one salary?' Well if surgery is in store I will be sure to let you know...

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