Wednesday, March 21, 2012


As summer draws closer I have been seeing a lot of movie trailers and they make me want to buy tickets for all of them right now.

Now I'm not really a 'Let's go see a movie' kind of person, that's the hubs, but I have to say there are some movies coming out that look really good. I usually will only see a movie after someone else has seen it and can tell me if it's worth going to but all these trailers are drawing me in!

The first movie coming out is Hunger Games.

I didn't read the books and frankly I have no idea what the movie is actually about but the trailer got me hooked. All I really know about the movie is some girl volunteers for these 'games' and it's not something you want to volunteer for. I think it looks like a super interesting movie so now I want to see the movie and read the books.

The next movie coming out that looks worthy of going to is The Lucky One.
Chick flick for sure but I mean it's based off a Nicholas Sparks novel so it has to be good right? I am a sucker for a sappy drama movie, with some eye candy, so we will definitely be seeing this in April.

Then there is Think Like a Man
This looks like such a funny movie and who doesn't enjoy a good laugh. Just the poster makes me laugh. I will be getting my comedic relief from this movie for sure.

Moving into May we have The Avengers
I love a good action movie and they fact that I see some good looking superheroes just makes the movie more appealing.
The hit in July is The Dark Knight Rises
I've never really been a huge Batman fan but the hubs loved The Dark Knight so I know we will be seeing this one. Is it just me or are there too many Batman movies out there?

Side note: Did you know they are coming out with Men In Black III and another Spider Man movie... Don't know how I feel about that. I think there is a time when certain movies should just stop being made.

So there you go folks, these are the movies I think are worth watching through July. I can't wait to see some of them and the fall will undoubtedly have more must see movies. What movie can you not wait to see?

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