Friday, April 6, 2012

F is for...


 Everyone has favorites. Favorite color, favorite food, favorite restaurant, favorite dessert, favorite place to vacation and favorite place to shop just to name a few.

These might be things you ask when you are trying to find out more about a person or it might be months or even years before you find out that yellow is actually their favorite color.

I like to play twenty questions when getting to know a person and at least half of the questions starts "What's your favorite..." So I am going to answer some of these questions in a effort for you to get to know me better
  • Favorite color: Maroon
  • Favorite type of food: Mexican-American
  • Favorite store: Target
  • Favorite dessert: Warm brownie with Vanilla ice cream
  • Favorite holiday: Christmas
  • Favorite place to eat: P.F. Changs (this usually changes)
  • Favorite time of the year: Spring
  • Favorite movie: Beauty and the Beast
  • Favorite vacation spot: Hawaii or Caribbean
There you have it, a little insight into the things I like. What are some of your favorite things?

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