Tuesday, April 10, 2012

J is for...


Oh how I would would love to be on vacation right now and Jamaica would be the perfect place to go. I mean who wouldn't trade in their office, desk and computer for lush green landscapes, warm weather and crystal blue water.

I would love to go back and vacation there. Not only do they have the sandy beaches, warm ocean water and tropical surroundings, they also have a variety of culture, history and natural wonders. 

Although anywhere in the Caribbean would probably make a perfect vacation spot, Jamaica will always be on my list of favorite places to vacation.


Misha Gericke said...

I'd love to go to Jamaica one day. Sounds like such a nice vacation spot. :-)

nutschell said...

me too! Jamaica is on my list of places to visit.
Happy A-Zing!

Tyrean Martinson said...

I would love to go to Jamaica -looks wonderful!

MOV said...

great post! I would love to go to Jamaica some time.

found you on the a to z and am following now, will definitely be back to read more!

feel free to take a peek at my travel theme blog:



Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

Hi, good to meet you! Jamaica is a beautiful place. I'm lucky I live 15 minutes drive from the beach in Kuantan, Malaysia!

This is me, Duncan D. Horne, visiting you from the A-Z challenge, wishing you all the best throughout April and beyond.

Duncan In Kuantan

Donna Martin said...

Hi...I'm hopping over from the A to Z Challenge. I challenge you to visit my blog and try to figure out today's mystery word but no fair grabbing a dictionary first...;0)...good luck with the challenge!

Donna L Martin