Thursday, April 19, 2012

O is for...


This age old game was the first thing I thought of when brainstorming. It might be because the hubs just had an operation so it was kinda on the brain but who cares, it started with O!
I loved this game as a kid! I mean what kid doesn't want to be/play a doctor... Of course this game was impossible for me to win since a steady hand was not my thing as a kid so I just said if it buzzed it was OK.

I haven't played or seen this game in ages and the picture above makes me wonder why the guy on the game is 'large'. I understand that it makes it easier to get all the pieces on his body but does his belly really need to be that round? As a kid I really didn't care but does it send a message to kids? Do you think that kids make the connection that 'large' people are the ones that need operations?

Please don't take any of that offensively, I'm just sitting here thinking with obesity on the rise should we really have it 'promoted' per se on children's games?

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Dana said...

That was a great game! :)