Saturday, April 7, 2012

G is for...


What comes to mind when you read this word?

Is it the song by Fergie?
Is it the Glamour magazine you saw at the store?

Is it a 50's actress? Marilyn Monroe?

This word has had many meanings throughout the years in my opinion. In years past it described movie stars, a way of living and alluring destinations. Some might still refer to the 'glamorous city lights' but I really don't feel it should be a word to describe today's society.

When I thought of the word glamorous the first thing that came to mind was Marilyn Monroe and the style of her era. The hairstyles, dresses, red lipstick and clothing styles are just so appealing to me.
It's a matter of opinion of course so what do you find glamorous?

1 comment:

Ted Mahsun said...

I guess when it comes to glamor, what comes to mind is all the bling-bling, shnazzy clothes, big, expensive cars... and, well Hollywood.

Not my kind of thing, so I generally stay away :)

Good luck with your A to Z!