Saturday, April 14, 2012

N is for...


That is what is coming to mind, nothing. I didn't start this challenge with any particular theme but as I have been writing these posts it seems that I write about the first thing that comes to mind for that letter.

Well I have been brainstorming over the letter N and have come up blank. Which is ok since the word nothing works perfectly.

I have learned since this challenge started that my writing skills are a bit rusty but that planning, research and several drafts later make up some of my best posts. I think by the end of this challenge I will have improved several different aspects of writing which will make me a better writer in the future.

I wish everyone doing the A-Z Challenge well.. We are almost there!


soggy in the corner said...

My mind comes up blank often as well!what are we all to do when we get to x?

Cathy Olliffe-Webster said...

I never run out of things to say. Sometimes they're very, very stoopid things, however.... Hope you have better luck with the next letters!!!