Thursday, April 19, 2012

P is for...


Oh sweet pie, literally. Don't ask me why I kept thinking of pie when it really is one of my least favorite desserts but her we are, talking about pie.
Now really I think that pie just looks delicious but my head is telling me that it looks better than it tastes. Who can make a homemade pie look that amazing anyways?

Well these days pie doesn't just bring dessert to mind, dinner is right there with it. With all the chefs and creative cooks out there you can find a pie recipe for just about any meal. 

From apple pie and berry pie to chicken pot pie and meat pies, everyone can find a pie to fit their needs.


Dana said...

I'm more of a cake person, but I do love lemon meringue pie. :)

Retro-Zombie said...

mmmmmmmmm, pie!

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Kate O'Mara said...

My family loves fruit pies & shephard's pie :)
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Rena said...

pecan pie is my ALL TIME favorite pie.

A to Zer!

Karen Walker said...

My hubby makes the best pies ever, altho' not my fave dessert either. This one looks yummy