Sunday, April 22, 2012

Q is for...


Believe it or not this was once a word used to describe me. As a kid growing up I was a shy and quiet little girl who wouldn't even say hi to the UPS man. 

As I entered middle and high school I still wasn't Ms. Outgoing but I was coming out of my shell. Talking to people I didn't know, even though they were my age, was not something I was comforting with.

Then I graduated, moved out of my parent's house and didn't keep in contact with anyone I went to school with. Therefore I had to come out of my shell to meet new people and make new friends. Let's just say I came out of that shell of mine quickly.

Now that I'm married I don't kinda went back in my shell a bit but I blame it on me liking peace and quiet too much. I like that the hubs is the super outgoing one and I just talk to those he finds to be nice or fun.

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Cindy Dwyer said...

I can talk it up with the best of 'em, but I need some peace and quiet to recharge.